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The Story Behind Work in Esports.

Work In Esports is a podcast in which professionals from around the world share their personal experiences from working within the industry. They also provide insight and advice on the particulars of their current job, how they got there, and how you can get started today!

Latest Episode

Episode 4: University esports and how to get involved.

Theresa Gaffney – Esports Head Coach & Counselor at Messiah University

Recent Episodes

Episode 6 – Building successful esports events and the importance of making connections

Allen “A.C.” Williams – Strategic Planner at Hurrah

Episode 5: Social Media Marketing in Esports

Jon Koob – Director of Social Media at SteelSeries

Episode 2 – Creating value and utilizing AI in esports

Matt Sever – Data Analyst & Founder

What People Say

Meet Your Host

Lover of travel and writing. Non-Irish, Irish sports enthusiast. You can find me somewhere in Europe on a Saturday, kicking a Gaelic football or catching a Sliotar.

I studied communication and have built a career working in esports. Creator of Detroit Esports, employee #6 at Proguides, play-by-play broadcaster for Legends Arena, Copywriter and Community Manager for, Esports BAR, and Road 96. Currently, I’m a multi-hat-wearing Project Manager at G2 Esports, handling events, community, and copywriting.

I started Work in Esports to encourage people to be intentional and build a career they are proud of, and not just one they happened upon – within the esports industry or otherwise.


Spencer Bing