The Work in Esports Podcast – Episode 4 – Theresa Gaffney on college esports and how to get involved

Theresa is a resident of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, working as the Head Coach and Coordinator of Esports at Messiah College. She is a master of metal and memes, and formerly served as the Editor-in-chief at the Collegiate StarLeague. That is how we first came into contact, she was looking to hire an esports writer and I happened to land the gig.

This conversation was a very enjoyable one for me, as we got to focus a lot on the specifics of collegiate esports. If you have ever wondered about what it takes to succeed as a collegiate esports athlete or if non-competitive gamers can play a part in a college program, then this is one you won’t want to miss!

We also discuss important skills for freelancers, how to value your work and properly balance your free time, and even touch on interview tips and networking.

You can contact Theresa at Terrigafff on Instagram, Theresagaffney on Twitter, and tmgaffney#2481 on Discord!

Thanks for listening, and let me know what you think about the episode on Twitter.

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