The Work in Esports podcast – Episode 9 – Cody Elsen, Esports Director at Northwood University on helping students build a career in esports

Cody and I both graduated from the same university, but never spoke in detail until this conversation. He started his own organization, Fable Esports, competed as a player himself, and worked alongside professional golfers for years, helping to ensure they had the right tools they needed to succeed on the course, and today he finds himself doing the same thing at Northwood, helping students succeed in the classroom and also in-game.

What I found most fascinating about this conversation was learning about all the support that the university is offering students and the amount of REAL, hands-on experience they are organizing for their students. It definitely seems like they are setting them up for success.

If you want to learn about what it takes to become a college esports athlete, how to manage an esports team efficiently, or the importance of analytics in all things, then you might want to give this episode a listen. Learn how to work in esports by hearing about Cody’s experience. 

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